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Dine Out Vancouver 2014. This is a story of how the regard of a neighbourhood doesn’t necessarily dictate how good its restaurants are.

Gastown is usually a higher, classier neighbourhood, and that’s why I wanted to try Al Porto despite its lower rating on Urbanspoon. After all, those ratings aren’t always a perfect representation of the restaurant.

I ordered the beef carpaccio, and I’ll give them this; it was fantastic. Soft, chewy, and the right tenderness paved the way for what I thought would be a good night.

Fast forward to the Veal Piccata. The first bite was warm, which meant the 8th bite was cold. For any dinner with zero conversation, this would have been negated by constant consumption, but as you can see up above, I had 5 companions. I think the veal could have been brought to a higher temperature or the sauce could have been kept at a higher temperature.

Dessert was alright. Nothing too special, but the veal was too disappointing for me to make an unbiased statement about the ganache.

The waiter twice forgot what order the dishes were to be served in, rather electing to ask who ordered which plate. For a restaurant in a trendy neighbourhood with boutiques offering clothes for as much as $200 a t-shirt, I expected a little better. I am however, grateful that I did not order from the regular menu, but maybe it’s just Dine Out that’s a bad representation since I do know food is usually produced in bulk around this time.

There weren’t a lot of people in the restaurant. By the time we left at around 745pm, maybe only 40% of the restaurant was full. Clearly the rest of the city isn’t going as crazy for Al Porto as say La Parisien.

All in all, this could have been a lot better, but the Urbanspoon rating doesn’t lie. Not everyone is going to enjoy this restaurant. Great location by the water though.

Al Porto Ristorante on Urbanspoon

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